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ADDIS RISING - Our First Campaign, a labor of love and passion

Its now two years since my move back to Addis. As the saying goes time flies, when you are immersed in challenging and exciting pursuits and having fun!

20 years ago, next year, when we showcased the first African Mosaique event in Paris at the Carrousel Du Louvre, and I began living with African fashion, in all its variety and richness, a deep commitment was born in me.

I have gone from producing world class fashion events, promoting African design and designers, to running the first Pan African retail shop in South Africa, to designing my own collection. And now I am living in Ethiopia, setting up a fully integrated fashion design, sourcing and manufacturing center. Doing everything I aspired to do. Drawing on the many dimensions and years of my global experience, learning and experimenting as entrepreneurs do.


November 10, 2014

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My Beautiful Africa, Through My Eyes

As a global African (using the words of Ali Mazrui as he defined Africans who spent decades of their lives in the west), the past decade has re-connected me to the continent, in an area where the continent has so much to offer.

My entry point in Africa was in the early 1990s through fashion, when I walked into a Paris modeling agency looking for a part-time job. I started working immediately, and a few months became a wonderful decade. I quickly realized the huge potential of fashion to push my own agenda: creating awareness about the plight of impoverished children in Africa, and promoting the almost invisible presence of Africa and Africans in international fashion arenas.CONTINUE READING

January 5, 2012

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