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The story of African Mosaique is one of celebration, imagination and continental integration. It is about the conception of a collective culture, casting a spotlight on African talent and inspiration while developing and showcasing world class African creations.

African Mosaique was first inspired by the relatively weak presence of direct African participation in leading fashion platforms in Europe and North America. Since its inception in 1996 African Mosaique has contributed to international awareness and appreciation of the rich and diverse cultures of Africa through art and Fashion. It has a rich history of providing platforms to emerging and established designers.

African Mosaique’s products are African in origin in terms of creation, production talent and stories. The foundation arm of African Mosaique continues to provide a platform for established and emerging designers from Africa and the Diaspora to come together and showcase their collections. Seasonal collections are designed by Anna Getaneh from the new African Mosaique base in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


African Mosaique was also motivated by the cause of sustainability and the young in Africa. Financial proceeds from events are supporting ECF Children’s Fund (The Ethiopian Children’s Fund), a multi-sectoral development program for vulnerable and destitute children, primarily orphans, in rural Ethiopia.